I'm Dr Curt Eastin

I Want You to Feel Alive!

Join me on a journey of holistic health & wellness, and CREATE a healthier body, a happier mind and a deeper sense of purpose - Guaranteed! 

Healthy Living Shouldn't be so Hard or Confusing

You deserve to feel your very best - but there are problems

The System

Our healthcare system is great for handling emergencies, but its not designed to help us get holistically healthy. To experience true health, you need guidance from outside the mainstream.

The Overload

Have you ever decided to get healthy and happy - then tried to figure it out on your own? How do you know where to start or what is true? Having a expert lead the way can save you time, money and confusion. 

The Isolation

True Health is not isolated to the physical body. Vibrant energy, clarity of mind, effortless productivity and harmonious relationships happen naturally when the body, mind and spirit are optimized and integrated into your being. 


I Can Guide You Through the Landmines and Help You Feel Alive Again

  • Are you struggling with a body that's not as healthy, strong or capable as you'd like?
  • Do thoughts, feelings or behaviors get in the way of your true happiness and enjoyment?
  • Do you feel a lack of purpose - trapped by the circumstances of your life and don't know how to find the freedom you crave? 

I can help you feel happy, healthy, fulfilled and free - GUARANTEED


Integrating the 3 Pillars of Health - Body, Mind and Spirit

The Physical Body

Knowing how to care for your body and optimize your biology. What and when to eat, what to drink, how to breathe, and healthy ways to move your body.

The Thinking Mind

Understanding the nature and power of your mind. Taking full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, emotions and what you're choosing to focus upon.

The Creative Spirit

Your deeper nature. Who you really are, why you're here, how you can feel free and fulfilled - regardless of circumstance or what's going on around you.

What's on Offer Here is Something New, Fresh and Different

I want to help you become be physically healthy, emotionally happy and spiritually fulfilled. Together, we can co-create your transformation through foundational health practices, a deeper understanding of what's going on within your mind, and the practical application of timeless spiritual principles into your daily life. 

How to work with me

3 Easy Steps to Living Like a Boss

1 . Schedule

Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation, Return to Health Discovery Call.

2 . Chat

We'll talk about the things that make you feel weak, trapped, stressed, stuck, worn out, unhealthy or unhappy. 

3 . Create

If we agree, we'll create a plan that will help you live fully - with more Energy, Vitality, Clarity, and FREEDOM ... Guaranteed!

Hello Friend.

I'm Dr. Curt Eastin - Dentist, Naturopathic Physician and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach.

I guide people, who want to Live Fully and Feel ALIVE, through an individualized holistic health process that guarantees they will experience a healthier body, a happier mind and a deeper sense of purpose for their life.

I'm here to help you create the health, happiness and abundance that you're longing for. No special skills or talents are required - just the powerful desire to become physically healthy, emotionally happy and spiritually free.

I look forward to meeting and helping you feel alive again!


Check out what my clients are saying

An Inner Calm, Confidence & Gratitude I've Never Had

" Working with Curt is powerful stuff. In a short time, I have gone from burned out and frustrated to alive and conscious. He helped me cut through the noise and align my mind, spirit and talents so I could see what I really wanted for my life. The best part is, it’s now spilling into other areas of my life including my relationships with my wife, our children and my friends. I guess it's true, everything really is connected! I highly recommend Curt's unique and powerful coaching method."

Aaron P.

Olympia, WA


A True Master of the Human Experience

"Curt is a true master of the human experience and can teach you how to live your life to the fullest! He's an extraordinary coach, guide, mentor and teacher for living your highest potential and seeing the grander perspective behind every circumstance or life experience. One of the things I appreciate most is the profound and powerful way Curt helps you to integrate your body, mind, heart and soul into one holistic, authentic and amazing being!"

Sara L.

Santa Barbara, CA


My Healing Progressed by Leaps and Bounds 

"Curt is a powerful coach! I came to him after years of healing work for my chronic anxiety and depression. His knowledge and insight have helped me gain new perspectives - as he lovingly guided me inward to find the true place of personal power and unconditional love. I don't even recognize the anxious and depressed person that I used to be. I highly recommend Curt to anyone willing to dive deep and make a shift in their personal power and consciousness."

Kim M. 

Scottsdale, AZ


Now is a Good Time to Start Feeling Great Again

Are you feeling your very best and living your full potential? Do you feel fully alive? If not, NOW is a very good time to start feeling great again! It's understandable that you may be hoping your health and happiness will magically get better on their own. But deep down you know the truth - hope is not a plan.

There is no reason you have to wake up tomorrow with the same life you're living today. You CAN create a new life and transform your health, happiness and sense of purpose. 


The Pain of Not Feeling Good

  • Low energy, vitality and productivity
  • Difficult relationships, career issues, depression, stress, anxiety, apathy
  • A life that lacks deeper meaning and purpose 


The Awesomeness of Feeling Alive

  • Strong, vibrant, healthy and clear
  • Harmonious relationships, focused productivity and emotional stability
  • Knowing who you are and why you are here

The Value of Having a Guide: A skilled guide who knows what you're dealing with, and has the experience to help you transform into who you want to become, can save you massive amounts of money, time and suffering. Will You Allow me to be Your Guide?

The Hell Yes Guarantee!

Are you worried about being rushed into a decision to work together? 

Take a deep breath and relax. I don't work with strangers or people who are on the fence about the process of transforming their lives. Before we finalize any plan, we'll get to know each other well enough that we can both say "Hell Yes" to working together. If we don't BOTH get to a "Hell Yes", then it will be a no for now - no pushing, no rushing, no selling, 

This is my secret sauce for successful coaching partnerships, and it works every single time!

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