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Inner Game 

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Helping Dentists and Dental Teams master their Inner Game to enhance clinical outcomes, workplace performance and business bottom line

The Missing Link to a Better Dental Practice

The Inner Game of Professional Practice - perhaps the last undiscovered competitive advantage in dentistry

When it comes to building a better dental practice, conventional wisdom tells you to master the outer game of business. Expand your clinical skills. Invest in the latest technology. Leverage the latest sales and marketing strategies. Train your team in the latest and greatest systems, procedures and protocols. 

There’s very little attention paid to the mental wellbeing of the humans responsible for operating the business. That’s unfortunate because, just like in sports, what separates champions from the rest is the ability to master the inner game. 

Most dentists and dental consultants don't realize there is a direct connection between state of mind and the moment to moment performance in business. State of mind is the primary driver of performance and outcomes. A high quality state of mind enhances the bottom line in your business and your personal wellbeing. 

More of the Same is Seldom the Answer 

When dentists are working to build a better practice, they usually try doing more of what they've always done - or more of what everyone else is doing. They often look toward acquiring more information, new skills or better strategies. This seldom works.

If more of the same was the answer, you'd already have what you're looking for.

Chances are, you don't need more information to build a better practice. What you do need is a practice full of people with clear minds, powerful insight and abundant creativity. People who can get out of their own way, take inspired action and come up with unique solutions to the problems of the day.

The New Paradigm for Workplace Performance

There is a new paradigm. A new understanding. A new way to get the most out of everything you already know and everything you already do.

It doesn't involve working harder or spending a fortune on the latest technology. It doesn't require creating new systems, structures or strategies. It doesn't include learning icky scripts, sketchy case presentation tactics or manipulative sales techniques. It doesn't even require creating new behaviors or acquiring new clinical skills.

The new paradigm for improving workplace performance, productivity and wellbeing is simply acquiring a basic understanding of the human operating system.

Your Secret Weapon for Building a Better Practice

We are all limited or elevated by our mental wellbeing and state of mind in the moment. The critical importance of the Inner Game has been known in sport for decades. But the transformative power of a high quality state of mind is still a mystery to most in the business world - a fact that gives those who develop this understanding a distinct competitive advantage.

Understanding universal truths about the human mind is your secret weapon for accessing an unlimited source of creativity, insight, and flow in both your personal and professional life.

Master the Inner Game of Practice:
Growth on the Inside - Results on the Outside
  • Clarity and Insight for improved Problem Solving, Innovation and Leadership
  • Genuine Interpersonal Connection for Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty and Trust
    • Empowered Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork
    • Unleash your Team's Potential to Implement Your Strategic Plan
    • Transform Workplace Performance, Business Culture and Personal Wellbeing

    Performance and Outcomes are directly limited by the Human Dimension - our State of Mind in the moment. Quality of Mind is the one factor you're not considering when working to improve your business and your practice. 

    The Inner Game of Dental Practice is the Missing Link your looking for.

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    We work with dentists, dental practice owners and dental teams. Our coaching addresses the human element in business - helping people develop themselves for optimal performance, productivity and wellbeing. Our business coaching model enables our clients to understand a psychological variable hidden beneath everything we believe, feel and do in each moment of our lives. 

    We help you leverage this hidden variable as the ultimate competitive advantage to create innovative, transformative and lasting change. As you begin to see the world with different eyes, your business, your practice and your life will never be the same.

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