A Whole New Way of Thinking About Life, Leadership and Relationships

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

What if the way you’ve been thinking about your life has been backward?

From a very early age, most of us are trained to approach life from an outside-in perspective. We’re taught that controlling and changing our outer world will make us feel happy, fulfilled and successful on the inside.

So, we put most of our time and effort trying to create the outcomes and results that we believe will make us happy. We work hard to acquire the education, the job, the career, the income, the house and car and relationships that we think will make us feel good about ourselves and our lives.

To a degree, this kind of, sort of works ... for a while. But mostly, whatever we achieve just becomes the new normal. So off we go – either searching for the next thing we believe we need to be happy or working to get rid of the things we believe are standing in our way of happiness.


Life doesn’t work from the outside-in. It works from the inside-out. We have it backward.

Real change is not derived from fixing what appears to be broken, but rather from the daily practice of deliberate creation.

The key driver for everything you want in life comes from mastery of your inner world. It does not come from trying to control, coerce and manipulate your outer world.

Inner growth will effortlessly lead to outer success.

Inner Precedes the Outer

For me personally, I struggled and suffered and finally hit rock-bottom before I figured this out. Outer work is important but not primary. The inner work must come first.

If you make outer achievements your primary goal, 

you may get the results you're after - while creating a life you hate. 

That’s why our coaching relationship begins by helping you cultivate a strong foundation of universal, timeless spiritual principles. You will, maybe for the first time, develop a powerful understanding of who you really are, how life actually works, how your experience of life is created, and the inner wisdom that lies within you and is completely separate from your intellect.

It's not enough for me that you simply get your problems solved. During the coaching process, I also want you to wake up to the profound Truth of who you really are. This will change your life in ways you can't yet imagine. 

"Mental creation always precedes physical creation.

Private victory always precedes public victory."

Stephen R. Covey

Practical Application of Spiritual Principles  

If you simply had a strong understanding of universal, timeless spiritual principles, your life would become much, much easier.

But our work together doesn't end there. The magic happens when we begin to apply your deep understanding of the spiritual principles behind life to the problems and issues of YOUR everyday life. Do this on a consistent basis and you will deliberately and literally CREATE the business AND the life you've been searching for. 

We will do the inner work that makes the outer work easy, effortless and effective. 

This practical approach will transform any aspect of life you apply the principles toward.


Changing One Thing Changes Everything

How you do anyth​ing is how you do everything

Powerful, accomplished, high-functioning people come to me seeking change in some aspect of their life, business, relationships, leadership or health.

To create something fresh and new, you have to see what’s going on below the surface. You have to become aware of the state of mind and level of consciousness that has you stuck and creating more of the same old thing - over and over again.

Your state of mind is the main thing holding you back from creating your very best life.

Regardless of the problem that brought them to coaching, my clients finish the coaching process with a shift in every aspect of their life. How you do anything is how you do everything. So, creating change in any area of your life will impact every area of your life. 

Without much fanfare and with much less effort, life simply starts working better.

If you play all in, I promise you a similar experience. If you’re willing to participate fully, your personal and professional life will change profoundly.

Three Pillars of Transformation

My work with clients centers around three pillars of transformation


First Pillar of Transformation

Facilitate Spiritual Insight and Make the Invisible Visible

First, I will help you see what you can’t yet see. From the level of spiritual Truth, I will help you understand what's going on behind the scenes of your routines, habits and behaviors. You will become aware of the state of mind and the level of consciousness that’s creating the problems and issues that are holding you back, making you miserable and keeping you stuck. Together, we will make the invisible visible and the unconscious conscious.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call in fate. 

Carl Jung


Second Pillar of Transformation 

Envision, Illuminate and Create Possible Futures

Second, I will help you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before. Then, I will help you create a shift in your consciousness that frees you to create that dream. Together, we will deliberately and consciously co-create your new life from a different state of mind and level of consciousness than you are currently living in.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. 

Albert Einstein


Third Pillar of Transformation 

Take Effective and Consistent Action

Third, I will help you strategize, create a plan, take effective action, and develop powerful daily rituals that ensure you will continue taking action. There is a difference between knowing something and living it. Transformation happens from living what you know. Nothing gets created until you take effective and consistent action.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Working Together

I work with individuals, teams, leaders, couples and executives.

There is no blueprint for my style of coaching. No one-size-fits-all. Our work together is bespoke and completely customized for you, your team or your business. 

There are a variety of ways I generally work with clients. After we talk, and if we both agree to work together, we may choose one of the following options:

  • Full-Day VIP Session
  • 3-Day Intensive Session
  • Private Coaching Relationship of 3 - 12 months
  • Group Coaching Mastermind Relationship of 3 - 12 months
  • Retreat, Workshop or Team Training

Let's Connect

Contact me.

 We can talk about what you're up against  and how you like your life or your business to be different. If my coaching seems like a good fit for both of us, we can discuss options for working together that would best serve your needs. 

The Coaching Agreement

Coaching involves an unconditional commitment to the process. It’s not for those who like to sit on the sidelines. Coaching will change your life - if you let it.  

For me, it's not enough that coaching simply helps you solve your problems and create the change you deeply desire. During the coaching process, I also want you to wake up to the profound Truth of who you really are. This alone is worth the price of admission. 

When we choose to work together, we agree to powerfully commit to each other and to the coaching process.

My Agreements as Coach
  1. I will show up fearless and present.
  2. I will be 100% committed to you and in service of you.
  3. I will have no agenda other than your desired creations.
  4. I will sit with you in love and infinite possibility.
  5. I will listen with an open heart and without judgment.
  6. I will provide objective feedback that is neutral and safe.
  7. I will challenge you to look differently at yourself and your life.
  8. I will say what needs to be said from a place of love.
  9. I will help you see what you can’t yet see in yourself and in your life.
Your Agreements as Coaching Client
  1. You will show up on time, all in and ready to play full out.
  2. You will be receptive to seeing something new and to be impacted by what you see.
  3. You will come with an open mind and willingness to experiment. 
  4. You will be willing to question your beliefs about yourself and your life.
  5. You will commit to taking 100% responsibility for your creations.
  6. You will be fiercely honest, even when it scares the living shit out of you.
  7. You will invest time, attention and money into your new life.

Together, we can create t​he life you've been longing for.

Contact Me.

We’ll talk. It will change some part of your life. Then, if we both agree, we can decide if my coaching is a good fit for you and what option would be best.