True Freedom Occurs When We Become the Deliberate Creator of Our Life

Curt Eastin
June 22, 2019

“The Way of the Heart is a process of learning deliberate creation in alignment with Love. Mastery comes when you know that you are literally and deliberately creating. From a place of perfect perfection - You decree it and it is so.”

Shanti Christo Foundation, The Way of Mastery

You Are Always Creating

Our experience of life is created from the inside-out.

We are creating each and every moment of our lives from the inside and projecting that experience outward into the world. Thought is the creative energy behind each and every experience that floats in and out of our awareness. Consciousness is the energy by which we become aware of our creations.

We are the literal creator of our experience of life.

Are You Aware of Your Creations?

The question isn’t whether or not we are creating. We are always creating – moment to moment to moment. The question is whether or not we are aware that we are creating, and if we are aware of the energy from which we are creating our experiences of life.

There are two possible energies we can create experience from:

  • We can create from fear, judgment and ego, OR
  • We can create from Love, forgiveness and Spirit.

There are no other options.

When you create from the energy of fear you can only create more fear. When you create from the energy of Love, you always create more Love.

Learn to Become a Deliberate Creator

You can learn to become a deliberate creator in alignment with the energy of Love. Deliberate creation requires 3 skills:

  1. A learned understanding and acceptance of the Truth that you, and you alone, create your experience in each moment of life.
  2. A cultivated awareness of what you are creating moment to moment.
  3. A deliberate choice, in the moment, of whether to create from the energy of fear or the energy of Love.   

Deliberate Creation in Real Life

The Setup

You’ve been working for months on business deal that is going to make you a lot of money and advance your career. In your mind the profits have already been spent. You know how much you’ll save, which bills you’ll pay off and exactly where you and your life partner are going for vacation.

At the last minute, the other side wants out for reasons that seem ridiculous. The emotions of anger, judgment, frustration and blame are surging through your body.

In the heat of the moment, you feel compelled to pick up the phone and tell the other side exactly what you think of them and their mothers. In this state of mind, you feel completely justified and are ready to accept that you're about to say things that will likely put this deal out of its misery.

The New Understanding

But instead, you decide to tap the brakes and do nothing for now.  

It really seems like your emotional upset and your desire to lash out is being caused by this deal falling apart and the stupidity of the other side. It feels like you’re at the effect of this situation and it’s coming at you from the outside-in.

You’re onto it though – you know better.

You’ve learned and accepted the Truth about your experience of life – nothing is ever what it seems to be. According to A Course in Miracles, you are never upset for the reason you think. 

You know and believe that you are the literal creator of this experience. Nothing you experience has ever been caused by anything outside of you. What you’re going through is 100% your creation and your responsibility. No-thing and No-one other than you has caused this.

 You are experiencing the effects of your thinking, not of the situation.

The Powerful Pause

Because you’ve taken the time to develop this understanding and have cultivated the requisite self-awareness, you’re able to catch yourself in the middle of your creation. You decide to hit the pause button because you know this is an illusion that exists nowhere outside of you own mind.

You are in the middle of a thought-created virtual reality - made to look real and feel true.

Because it’s but a dream, you don’t take it so personal. You allow this experience to be what it is – not what you were making of it. You let it be and see it as nothing more than a thought cloud passing through your field of awareness.

You pause and remember how powerful you truly are:

  • You are not a victim of circumstance.
  • You do not live in a world that that can do things to you and cause you to make decisions that you would not have otherwise made.
  • Your perceptions are mere projections of your self-created inner state and are always lies - 100% of the time. 

Drop Into the Present Moment

In this calm state of being, without paying much attention to your personal thinking, you drop into the present moment and see things for what they really are. It’s in the present moment where you realize that you have freedom of choice. You can shift from your default, unconscious creation into deliberate creation.

You realize that all the emotions you’re feeling are being created by your fearful thinking and not from the faltering deal. It’s obvious that from this fearful and agitated state of mind, you’re not at your best.

In the present moment, you can always ask: 

"Do I want to continue creating from the energy of fear or do I wish to create something new? Do I want to continue creating from fear and judgement or do I choose to create from Love and forgiveness?"

Connect to Spirit - Your Inner Wisdom

The present moment is also where you connect with Spirit – your deeper mind that will guide you if you let it. Using your freedom of choice, you can decide to create from Love instead of fear.

Now is the time to ask your inner wisdom for guidance. 

"I know that I am never upset for the reason I think, and I am willing to see this differently”:

  • What would you have me do in this situation?
  • What would Love think, feel and do for this person?
  • What would Love have me be in this moment?

From your place of inner stillness, listen for the answer. You can depend on it and you can trust it. The answer is always there. If you can’t hear the quiet whisper of Spirit, it is because you’re either listening to the loud and fearful voice of ego; or you haven’t yet learned to trust your inner guidance.

I don’t know what Spirit’s answer will be. That can't be known ahead of time - inner guidance is responsive and in the moment. 

What I do know is that allowing yourself to be guided from a calm state of mind puts you in the best possible place for a solution.

It is highly likely that you will begin to see the other party with empathy and compassion; as you realize they too are mistakenly believing that their thought-created virtual reality is true. Their actions make perfect sense to them - based upon the state of mind they've created from their fearful thinking. 

Being calm and compassionate creates the very best chance of reconnecting with the other party. This is your best opportunity for coming up with a plan that will save the deal and maintain the relationship – if it's meant to be saved.

Everything Is an Power-Filled Opportunity

Thousands of times each day of your ordinary life, you will be confronted with opportunities to be disturbed! 

Each circumstance that challenges you, and has you creating from fear and ego, is presented to you as a powerful opportunity. In the very moment that you catch yourself creating from fear instead of Love, you have the chance to practice and cultivate:

  • Self-awareness of what you are creating
  • Your depth of understanding of how the mind works
  • Your compassion for the others – for they are also caught up in the illusion
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Seeing through the illusion and dropping into the present moment
  • Asking Spirit for help and guidance
  • Listening, Trusting and Acting on the voice of wisdom
  • Uncovering the gift of what this moment is teaching you

Your Immense Power to Choose

You were born with freedom of choice. You can always choose to create from the energy of Love and forgiveness. Any time you catch yourself creating from ego, fear and judgement:

You can always choose again. 

Each day is full of opportunities to to discover the deeper Truth that lies behind your experience. Things will come up for you that seem difficult but are actually opportunities for you to choose to see them differently. Each time you make the choice to deliberately create your experience, you will re-discover a great power that lies within you. 

Each moment to moment experience is an opportunity to express the freedom within you to deliberately choose what you want to perceive and to feel what you want to feel. 

You, my friend, are that powerful.

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