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Foundational Spiritual Principles

My coaching, training and mentoring philosophy begins with a foundation of the spiritual principles behind life.  We then apply the principles of that spiritual foundation, in very practical ways, to the issues you're up against in your daily life. 

There isn't a blueprint for how this progresses. The process is co-creative and responsive to the needs, desires and beliefs of my clients. I meet them where they are and take them where they want to go.

That being said, I am frequently asked to explain what I mean by spiritual principles. Below are summaries of three foundational principles that are key to the coaching process.

Your interpretation of the following posts will vary depending upon where you are in your understanding of how the mind works. What you see in the writings today will be completely different from what you will see 3, 6 or 12 months into the coaching process. 

If you have any questions or comments about these principles, please feel free to CONNECT WITH ME. I love talking about this stuff - it's my life!

Three Foundational Spiritual Principles

Foundational Principle 1:

Our Experience of Life is 100% Created from the Inside-Out.

We are all living in a world created by thought, not by circumstance - no matter how much it seems to be the other way around.

Foundational Principle 2:

There is a Deeper Wisdom Behind Our Experience That Will Guide Us if We Let It. 

We are all connected to a deeper mind that will reliably guide us - if we ask it, listen for it, trust it, and act upon it. You don’t have to stress, struggle and work so hard to figure things out on your own. In fact, that kind of over-thinking works against you 9 times out of 10. 

Foundational Principle 3:

True Freedom Occurs When We Learn to Become the Deliberate Creator of Our Life.

We are the literal creator of our life and are always creating - all of the time. We are not always aware that we're creating, and are rarely aware of the source we are creating from.  The key to Happiness, Peace and Success is learning to become the deliberate creator of your life from the energy of Love.