Experience of Life is 100% Created from the Inside-Out

Curt Eastin
June 22, 2019

Our Collective Confusion

Overall, humanity is confused about where our feelings come from and how our experience of life is created. We are convinced that things happen in the world around us, and it is those external circumstances that cause us to think and feel and do the things we do.

In other words, we believe that our experience is created from the outside-in. If that were true, then riddle me this:

  • How can two people watch the exact same movie and have completely different emotional experiences? 
  • Why can you sometimes be in a total crap environment and feel amazing, and other times be in an amazing environment and feel like crap?
  • How can a person be irate at a man who cuts them off in traffic - until they realize the driver is transporting his severely injured child to the hospital?

"Thought Creates the World and Then Says

I Didn't Do It"

David Bohm, quantum physicist

The Truth is Simple Yet Profound

The answer to this riddle is so simple that if you're not careful you'll let its power to transform your life slip through your fingers:

We are all living in a world created by thought, not by circumstance – no matter how much is seems to be the reverse.

We NEVER experience anything directly. We ALWAYS and ONLY experience the effect of our thinking about the people, places and things in our life. We are living in the feeling of our thinking - not in the feeling of our circumstance.

Life is 100% created from the Inside-Out and never from the Outside-In. Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings are projected out into the world, and awareness of our projected thoughts and feelings becomes our experience of life.

We are so good at this that we simply take it for granted that our projected thoughts and feelings are real and true - in fact, they are neither. We don’t understand they are but illusions of our own mental creation.

None of our personal experience exists anywhere outside of our own minds. 

The Truth is Always True

Ya, I know. It really seems like:

  • The traffic makes me anxious
  • The forest makes me calm
  • The sun makes me happy
  • My boss makes me mad
  • My bank account make me insecure

But, none of those emotional experiences are actually true, because they're not always true. Your reaction depends on your state of mind in the moment. Sometimes, the traffic makes you anxious - other times its doesn't.

It can't be the traffic that is causing you to feel that way. 

Our emotional responses are simply projections of our inner state of mind in the moment. Nothing means anything until you make it mean something, and you make it mean something with your thinking.

We are always living in the feeling of our thinking and nothing else. 

External circumstances, events, people, places or things cannot cause you to feel or do anything – no matter how real that seems. Events cannot cause feelings. We’re not designed that way. Only our thinking can cause feelings. 

We are masters of projection. 

An Innocent Misunderstanding 

The Missing Link to What's Holding You Back, Stressing You Out and Keeping you Stuck

The mistaken belief that you are at the effect of circumstances, and that your experience is created from the outside-in, is the biggest spiritual obstacle you face.

This innocent misunderstanding is what’s in the way. This misunderstanding of how the mind works is keeping you from creating a happy, fulfilling and successful life, business and career.

This misunderstanding about your experience of life is the hidden Truth about what's holding you back, stressing you out and keeping you stuck.

As stated in The Way of Mastery, you are 100% responsible for the experience you’re having at any moment. 

The Good News Is ...

The Truth that you, and you alone, are 100% responsible for creating your experience of life turns out to be very good news. Because with time and attention you can learn to become a deliberate creator of any experience you desire in life.

We are all born with freedom of choice. You have the power to choose the energy from which you create your experience moment to moment.

I’m not suggesting you can manifest a new physical reality with thinking alone. But you can create a new experience for any physical reality so that your psychology no longer blocks you from having what you desire in the physical world.

If you take the time to understand how the mind works and learn to train your mind to assume complete responsibility for your experience in each moment - you can cultivate the ability to create any experience you choose.

But don't take my word for it. Go out,  give it try and see what happens. If you need some help or guidance, you can always CONNECT WITH ME. I'm here for you. 

Still Curious?
Continue Reading Spiritual Principle 2

Foundational Spiritual Principle 2:

There is a Deeper Wisdom Behind Our Experience That Will Guide Us if We Let It. 

We are all connected to a deeper mind that will reliably guide us - if we ask it, listen for it, trust it, and act upon it. You don’t have to stress, struggle and work so hard to figure things out on your own. In fact, that kind of over-thinking works against you 9 times out of 10. 

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