Don't Let Stress Get the Best of You

Check Your Stress Before it Turns to Burnout

Chronic Stress is NO JOKE

Chronic stress is known to play a key role in most every disease of modern living. Stress elevates inflammation, reduces immunity, consumes vital resources needed for repair, interferes with mental clarity and high-level decision making, and compromises the body’s self-healing capacity.

Stress also elevates the hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol for long periods of time produce serious physical effects, such as: weight gain, heart disease, accelerated aging, and lowered immunity. Lowering your stress levels may add 10 years to your lifespan.

Finally, unmanaged chronic stress will eventually turn into burnout which can have devastating effects on every aspect of your life.

So, let's Test Your Stress and Before it Leads to Burnout

Complete this simple 10 question stress test to measure the current stress in your life.

How This Test Works

This stress test uses the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). It is a highly recognized psychological tool for measuring the perception of stress.The PSS is clinically validated and widely used mental health professionals. 

The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) measures the degree to which situations in your life are perceived as stressful. The series of questions have been designed to assess how unpredictable, uncontrollable, and overloaded you feel your life to be, as well as a direct questions about your current level of experienced stress.

The PSS questions ask about thoughts and feelings during the last month. They are easy to understand and are of a general nature. This makes the test relatively free from bias for or against any specific subpopulation group.