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What my clients are saying ...

Memory Reconciliation Coaching was Exactly What I Needed

I have struggled for many years from the trauma that had to grow up with. My body finally shut down a few years ago. I sought therapy from a regular counselor. It was helpful, but I wasn’t getting what I needed, and I didn’t know what that was or how to get it. Until I met with Dr. Eastin and got a glimpse of the work he does. For me, the Memory Reconciliation Coaching was exactly what I needed.

My first session with Doc Eastin was amazing. He asked the right questions which brought me back to a time that I thought I had dealt with in my life, but I really hadn't. I was emotional, but it was so powerful and so helpful. No one had ever really done that for me. It really helped me come to a place where the relationships I was struggling with became easy and effortless, and I can now set my boundaries without hesitation. I would recommend Dr. Eastin to anybody who is struggling with any kind of trauma. This has helped me so tremendously. It has changed my life for sure.

Kim M

High School Educator

Scottsdale, AZ


Dissolved Heavy, Harmful Memories and Reclaimed my Power

I had been struggling emotionally following a traumatic relationship experience; troubled by flashbacks and restlessness. With compassion and knowledge, he held a very safe space to dive deep so I could view upsetting thoughts from a wider perspective. His guidance enabled me to wander through the immense space of self to envision healing in loving ways which resonated with me personally. Curt’s presence was supportive, comforting and insightful. He helped me dissolve heavy, harmful memories while recreating stories that were nurturing and even playful. Stuck in survival phase had drained my energy, but after working with Curt, I wasn’t triggered, and my nervous system felt regulated. His highly effective methods helped lift mental weight and opened my heart to more trust, motivation, health and happiness. Our sessions enabled me to reclaim my power. Flowing forward without allowing the past to poison my reality, I am very grateful for the energy psychology he provides, and I highly recommend it.

Tirzah S

Tantra Yoga, Meditation Guide, Bodyworker, Author

Phoenix, AZ


A Sense of Clarity and Ease with Day to Day Life

I worked with Dr. Eastin for 3 months, and the transformation personally has been incredible. My sense of clarity, acceptance of past traumas, ease in dealing with day to day life and owning my new reality has been a game changer with all my interactions in business, with my family, friends and personal relationships. I highly recommend working with Curt, he is a great person and coach. Not only did I reap the benefit of the program but now I have a lifetime friend on a similar life journey. Thank you Curt!

Kevin F.

Real Estate Investor

Seattle, WA


An Inner Calm, Confidence & Gratitude I've Never Had

Working with Curt is powerful stuff. In a short time, I have gone from burned out and frustrated to alive and conscious. He helped me cut through the noise and align my mind, spirit and talents so I could see what I really wanted for my life. The best part is, it’s now spilling into other areas of my life including my relationships with my wife, our children and my friends. I guess it's true, everything really is connected! I highly recommend Curt's unique and powerful coaching method.

Aaron P.

Business Finance

Olympia, WA


The Results are Phenomenal and Fast

Working with Curt has been a wonderful experience for both me and the patients I refer to him. As a busy naturopathic physician who treats serious complex illness, I have come to rely on Curt to address the emotional issues of stress, anxiety and burnout that are so common in many of my high-achieving patients. The results have been phenomenal and quick. In a short period of time, he has people feeling much better - even when they have tried everything in the book to get relief. I'm grateful to have him on my team.

Dr. Ginger N.

Naturopathic Physician

New Haven, CT


EFT Has Helped Me More Than Therapy

I wanted to give a proper thank you for guiding me on this journey that has been EFT therapy. Thank you so much. I can already feel a tremendous difference in my life and in my brain. I’m so happy, and I’m incredibly grateful to you and your work. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Our work together has helped me more than any therapist has over years!

Lilian S.

Branding & Marketing

Pleasantville, NY


My Healing Progressed by Leaps and Bounds 

Curt is a powerful coach! I came to him after years of healing work for my chronic anxiety and depression. His knowledge and insight have helped me gain new perspectives - as he lovingly guided me inward to find the true place of personal power and unconditional love. I don't even recognize the anxious and depressed person that I used to be. I highly recommend Curt to anyone willing to dive deep and make a shift in their personal power and consciousness.

Kim M. 

Cryptocurrency Coach

Scottsdale, AZ


Set Free from Anxiety and Depression

When I look back on 2022, one of the things I am most grateful for is you and how much you helped my adult daughter with anxiety!!! The change in her is so obvious to me. She is so much happier, and I am thrilled to see her truly thriving. After years of trying various remedies, I feel like she has finally been set free these past few months from the grip of anxiety and depression. I can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you have had on our lives.

Melissa R.


Bridgeport, CT


A True Master of the Human Experience

Curt is a true master of the human experience and can teach you how to live your life to the fullest! He's an extraordinary coach, guide, mentor and teacher for living your highest potential and seeing the grander perspective behind every circumstance or life experience. One of the things I appreciate most is the profound and powerful way Curt helps you to integrate your body, mind, heart and soul into one holistic, authentic and amazing being!

Sara L.

Spiritual Guide and Channel

Santa Barbara, CA


Back to Feeling Like Myself Again

EFT coaching with Curt has completely changed my life and transformed my inner world. It all happened in such a short time that my brain can’t figure it out. But it’s true! I had tried traditional therapy and every energy healing modality I could find. They gave me some temporary sense of relief, but I would always end up right back where I started or even worse. It got to the point where I had no control over my emotions and would break down at the slightest sign of stress or confrontation. After my first few sessions with Curt, I knew this was going to be big for me. Now I am back to feeling like myself again. I feel emotionally stable, confident, clear headed, and can easily deal with the stressors in my life. Thank you Curt!

Colette E.

Retail Executive

Eugene, OR