A Deeper Wisdom Will Guide Us When We Allow It

Curt Eastin
June 22, 2019

The Brain is Not Our Source of Wisdom

Most of us are overly enamored with our intellect. We believe intelligence is our competitive advantage. We’re convinced that our brain is what separates us from the crowd. We are all so sure that our brainpower is the source of our success, and the cause of our failure.

We are taught from an early age that to get ahead in life, we have to struggle, work long hours and think really hard to figure things out.

It’s true that our brainpower is an extremely useful tool. Our intellect can help us do math, memorize data and learn foreign languages. I love my brain, and I also know it’s limits.

Our brains are not good at creating fresh ideas. At best the brain can piece together previously stored information and come up with new ways of using old data. But the brain cannot create something brand new from nothing – that is the job of Spirit.

Most of us rely much too much on our brains. We try to make it do things it’s not designed to do. The brain is a tool to learn new things and to store and retrieve data. It is not the source of wisdom.

"I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence and the truth comes to me."

Albert Einstein

Wisdom Lives Between Our Thoughts

Most of the people we admire for having big, powerful brains and massive creativity tell a similar story. People like Einstein, Edison and Dylan have all said that they don’t think their creations into being. They don’t struggle and pound their heads against the desk until their intellect comes up with something spectacular.

For most creative and intellectual geniuses, the ideas, the equations and the words come to them when they’re NOT thinking about the problem. The answers come to them between thoughts – when their mind is silent. Kind of like when your best ideas always seem to appear, out of nowhere, when you're in the shower.

Those flashes of genius, insight and creativity that we all occasionally experience don’t come from our intellect. They come from a deeper mind, an innate wisdom – they come from a spiritual place that is separate from our intellect. 

Access to Your Internal Guidance System

We all have access to this deeper mind and source of wisdom. It is our responsive, in the moment, perfectly timed internal guidance system. You can depend on it and trust it – if you are willing to learn to connect with it.

Our innate wisdom is always present, but you may not always hear it, trust it, or act upon its guidance. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. The quiet whisper of spirit is drowned out by the constant chatter of our personal thinking and egoic mind. 
  2. Even when we hear the quiet voice of wisdom, we don’t always trust it. Ego convinces us that it’s our imagination and tells us to ignore its advice.
  3. Even when we hear wisdom and want to trust it, the voice of ego makes us fear what might happen if we act upon it. So, we fail to heed its call.

You Don't Have to Work So Hard

The Way of Mastery teaches that, "behind your experience, there is something deeper taking place."

We are all connected to a deeper mind that will reliably guide us - if we ask it, listen for it, trust it, and act upon it. You don’t have to stress, struggle and work so hard to figure things out on your own. In fact, that kind of over-thinking works against you 9 times out of 10.

Connecting with and trusting your deeper wisdom, combined with an understanding of how the mind works and how experience is created, is the foundation for cultivating the skill of deliberate creation. 

With understanding the basic principles and adequate time and attention, you can learn to create any experience you desire

Yes indeed, you are that powerful. 

Still Curious?
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Foundational Spiritual Principle 3:

True Freedom Occurs When We Learn to Become the Deliberate Creator of Our Life.

We are the literal creator of our life and are always creating - all of the time. However, we are not always aware that we're creating, and are rarely aware of the source we are creating from.  The key to Happiness, Peace and Success is learning to become the deliberate creator of your life from the energy of Love.

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